Terminator: Rise of the corporations

“Our massive new monopolies: Amazon, Google and Facebook have the power to move entire economies

Tech companies have amassed frightening economic power — and we handed over our data to make it possible”

This is the headline and summary for an article on Salon Magazine that, as you can imagine, spreads around the news of the impending rise of the corporations as a political power.

“They are using our data”

I’m aware that privacy is a very hot topic right now in technology, but, years ago we were dreaming about the kind of solutions that now we have the technology to implement, and now that we have them, we have decided that we don’t like how they work.

You think that if Kodak had data on their users and how they used their devices they would have gone bankrupt?

If Motorola or Chrysler had direct input from users instead of entering on extremely expensive and slow production cycles that ended up in failed products because they clearly didn’t understand what the market needed they would be zillionaires. Facebook and Amazon iterate their production cycles on daily basis.

User Experience Architect / Curador @UXMexico /#UX / adriansolca.com

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