Why does “everybody” hate Coldplay?

Coldplay, as a band, have 209 nominations and 62 award wins in several worldwide categories, from best international band to best live act and best video. They have over 80 million album sales, making them one of the top 100 best selling artists of all times. Your perception of hate is consequence of bandwagon effect which has been documented in other instances.

The psychological reason as to why people “hate” Coldplay, and basically all things popular, is a sum of several factors which I’ll try to explain:

1. When something is popular, there is no way to avoid being exposed to it.

2. Hating something is a social act

3. Popular things, by definition, need to be bland

4. Status Quo is safe

Think of Kanye, which also has a multitude of haters, but an entire army that will defend and back his ideas because he IS a polarizing artist. Overall, the idea is that people “hate” Coldplay because the amount of exposure they have and because hating stuff is easy. It’s similar to the Nickelback trend.

User Experience Architect / Curador @UXMexico /#UX / adriansolca.com

User Experience Architect / Curador @UXMexico /#UX / adriansolca.com